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Kitchen Design

Is a kitchen remodel on your to-do list? If you want to get the most out of your strategy, check out our efficiency-boosting design suggestions first. Our designers will meet with you to discuss your preferred room arrangement before even considering the paint color or new appliances. The kitchen, more than any other space, benefits from a well-thought-out plan. Whether you're cooking, cleaning, or entertaining, your time in the kitchen will be greatly enhanced by the ease with which you can do these tasks. A well-designed kitchen will allow for more freedom of movement, less bending over and reaching, and enhanced kitchen versatility. Take a look at some of the factors our expert designers take into account when creating a kitchen.

Think of the Kitchen as a Pyramid

Cooking facilities, refrigeration, and washing-up areas are the three mainstays of any kitchen. The kitchen work pyramid consists of these three items, and their placement is crucial for optimal productivity. Rather than making life harder than it has to be in the kitchen, a well-designed layout will allow you to easily transition between the three main areas of activity. Two cooks can work side by side in the kitchen without continuously bumping into one other, so that's another consideration when designing the area. Depending on your specific demands, your kitchen may include multiple work areas.

Adapt your Kitchen to Serve Several Purposes.

The traditional function of a kitchen has expanded to include other uses. The kitchen might become the party's focal point. Kitchens that are open and inviting to guests also provide the cook with the privacy they need to get their work done without interrupting the festivities. Including a kitchen island with chairs is a great way to do this. It's a great place for guests to chat with the chef without disrupting the meal. The host or hostess should not feel left out of the party if the cook is present and actively participates in the preparation of the meal.

Give Your Cabinets Serious Thought

Make sure you have a plan for using your new cabinets before you set them up. Do you want your fine dinnerware on display for all to see, or hidden away out of sight in the higher cabinets? Have you tried using spices? If so, what kind of spice storage—a rack, a drawer, or something else—would you find most useful? Typically, our skilled kitchen designers will place frequently used goods near one another on shelves. It's okay to ask for what you want. In the kitchen, there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" solution.

We Plan Out your Space

Allow our designers to draft up some layout possibilities so you can have a feel for your future kitchen before we start construction. Doing so will force you to consider how you and your loved ones will make use of the area and help you make optimal decisions. All of the furniture, storage units, and kitchen gadgets are rearranged until you're completely satisfied with the layout. With the help of our experts, your remodeling design can be fine-tuned, and you may even get some suggestions for new features you hadn't thought of before.

Contemporary luxury design of living room with kitchen and dining table near window
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