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Basement Remodeling

Renovating and remodeling your basement is a fantastic way to improve your home's value and appeal to potential buyers. In addition, most basements may be remodeled in under a month at a reasonable cost. Although you may not want to tackle a basement remodeling project on your own, our professional basement remodeling crew has extensive experience in both the remodeling and finishing of basements and will help you figure out what adjustments need to be made to realize your goal. Have a look at some of the basic steps in basement remodeling Bathroom Remodeling Dublin Ohio assist with.

Framing, Electrical, and Gas for your Basement

The first phase in a basement remodel is framing, which happens after we have your building permit. It is likely that throughout your basement renovation project, your team will have to knock down some walls and build some new ones in order to accommodate your desired living space. Doors, electrical outlets, plumbing, gas lines, cable, and other utilities must all be installed. Putting up outlets for appliances, water, and gas is the next step in finishing your basement. Depending on the scope of the renovation, this stage may take several days. We schedule our plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians far in advance. To guarantee that everything is ready to go when the walls go up, these steps will be taken.

Certified Basement Inspections

The work done to this point must be inspected and approved by a town building inspector to ensure it complies with all local and state regulations. This is a quick afternoon activity that will free up our renovation contractor to finish up your basement living space. We can start putting up drywall and priming your walls for paint as soon as the framing is done. After the drywall has been hung, the nail holes and joints are covered up with joint compound and sanded to smooth perfection. As soon as this is done, we can start painting your interior.

Basement Trimming and Painting

Casing for openings like doors and windows is an integral part of any basement trim project. The process of trimming can often be completed over the course of a few days. At this point, you will paint your freshly installed walls and trim. It is not uncommon for this process to take anywhere between two and three days if many coats of paint are being applied.

Basement Floors and Ceilings

Suspended ceilings are the most popular basement ceiling choice among homeowners since they are simple to set up and keep clean. Following the hanging of the frame comes the installation of the lights, and finally, the tiling of the ceiling. The next step is to install the flooring, which might consist of carpet, tiles, or a combination of the two. Because of the potential for long-term moisture exposure and warping, the vast majority of homeowners do not choose to install hardwood flooring in basement remodeling projects. Finally, a thorough inspection and a few finishing touches, you can finally call this place home.

Unfinished food storage at the basement with concrete walls. Interior of a basement with wood shelving units and a ceiling with wooden beams and light bulb.
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