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Basement Finishing

Finishing a basement entails converting a basement that was originally unfinished when the house was built into a functional living area. If your finished basement has suffered water or moisture damage, you may want to consider a refinishing project. The goal is the same: to have a pleasant place to live free from health hazards and stress. You can make sure your basement remodel is worth it by beginning with the high-quality products and services we offer at Bathroom Remodeling Dublin Ohio. Feel free to have a look at how our team can ensure you make the best possible choice for your basement finishing project.

The Right Basement Finishing For You

Traditional basement finishes, such as wood and drywall, don't stand up well to dampness, condensation, and other water problems. There is a high risk of water damage when finishing a basement due to the high humidity and potential for leaks or groundwater seepage. Wet drywall and paint can both become unsightly problems. Mold and mildew can cause wood paneling and trim to warp, and musty odors can develop in carpets. If that describes your situation, you can rest assured that we have the best answer for you. We have a variety of water- and moisture-resistant basement finishing options available. Remember to take a look at our watertight, stain- and mold-resistant internal walls, floors, ceiling panels, and trimming for your basement if you're planning on professional basement finishing.

Solving Your Basement Moisture and Water Problems

If your basement currently has water leaking into it, the most efficient way to stop more water damage is to install our perimeter drain and sump pump system. This will keep water from entering your basement. Prepare yourself for the fact that a dehumidifier will also need to be installed in your basement. When it comes to preventing the growth of mold and mildew in high-humidity conditions, the most effective instrument that we provide is our premium dehumidifiers.

Dry Up and Repair Those Moldy, Water-Damaged Basement Walls!

Older Ohio basements often had mold problems because they were finished with moldy materials like wood studs, gypsum board, and fiberglass insulation. Lower wall sections of these basements are notorious for mold, mildew, and wood rot. With our cutting-edge basement wall repair technology, we may use materials like steel studs, firm expandable foam, and vinyl-faced concrete boards to replace just the affected section of your basement walls that has been damaged by moisture. Because of our superior mold services, you won't have to worry about the mess and cost of tearing down walls entirely. You receive a basement wall treatment that is both appealing and cost-effective, and which will prevent mold and moisture damage forever.

Complete Your Basement Finishing with Foundation Wall Panels

There are several options for finishing the exposed foundation walls in a basement that needs remodeling so that the finished room is more welcoming, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. If you want to save money on utilities and feel more at home in your basement, consider installing insulation and high-quality wall panels against the foundation walls. Our panels are built with steel studs and rigid foam insulation that won't degrade or absorb moisture. If you're looking for a way to finish the walls in your new basement, our specialized wall-covering panels are a great choice.

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